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Formed in 2008 Osiris Web Design has been servicing the industry with original and innovative developments. As a web-based media company the services that we have on offer are vast, ranging from single page design, through to complex self manageable systems. To view a list of the packages or additional services we offer click the appropriate link. As a newly formed company we are looking to offer our clients a new and fresh approach to the creation of their web adventure, whilst still providing usable aesthetically pleasing sites. Our aim is to understand your project then deliver the solution that will service your exact requirements. With remote access worldwide projects are achievable, however we are a Sunderland Website Design Company based in the North East of England, and this is where the majority of the work that we undertake originates.

As an organisation our philosophy is: ‘anything is possible’. Due to the fast changing nature of the web as a platform any idea that is dreamt up can become a reality with enough will. Therefore any project we undertake we try and push the boundaries, and even go through them, to deliver the best web based project possible for our clients. Our workforce comprises of graphical designers through to web engineers, who have completed a variety of academic achievements and amazing ‘real world’ projects.

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